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Bespoke items

Bespoke and customised items can be made on request. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further – we love working on special pieces!


Caring for your Jess Collinge creations

Avoid getting wet  – that's the jewellery, not you! Don't put it through the wash, wear it in the shower or go swimming with it on. We've all done it, we all have absent moments, but you've been warned, it may not survive. A little bit of rain won't do it any harm, it'll just ruin your hair-do.

Store out of direct sunlight – again, that's the jewellery, not you, unless you have really pasty skin or are a vampire, then keeping out of sunlight is probably best. Store in a drawer or jewellery box to preserve the vibrant colours. Too much sunlight will fade the colours and yellow the resin. 

Avoid contact with perfumes – most of us like to smell nice and love a dowse in perfume, the jewellery does not. Try to apply any fragrances before you put your jewellery on, to reduce tarnishing the chains or damaging the resin.

Keeping 'em clean – use a silver polishing cloth to remove any tarnished areas on the chains and a soft, dry, non-abrasive cloth to clean the resin – a good old shammy works wonders.